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Design Courses

Classroom training from the best in the industry! Software courses related to business management and design essentials.

Acrobat Training


3 hour on-location training session. Instructor led essential and customized skills tailored to your business requirements. Training is led in a Mac environment. If you don’t see content that directly relates to your business, please let us know and we can work with you to create the right program.

Price is per attendee. Runs on a request of 3 or more attendees.

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    Adobe Acrobat Training from industry professionals. This instructor led essential and customized skills tailored to your business requirements.

    Adobe Acrobat DC is the industry standard for document creation, management, sharing and integrating PDFs, but it does so much more. From security and signatures, to creating and editing fillable forms. Our hands on classes are completely tailored to your business and don’t want to cover material that does not directly affect your day-to-day operations. Whether it’s a quick refresher, a starter course or help us with a customized lesson plan, we can help you or your staff understand the program more effectively.

    Make sure to identify your product version.

    1. Introducing Adobe Acrobat DC

    • About PDFs
    • About Adobe
    • Difference between Adobe and Acrobat
    • Getting to know the work area
    • Location of tools and navigation

    2. Creating PDF Files

    • Creating PDFs
    • Using the Create command
    • Combining different types of files
    • Using the Print command to create Adobe PDF files
    • Reducing file size
    • Scanning text
    • Converting web pages to Adobe PDF

    3. Reading and Working with PDF Files

    • Adjusting document and program preferences
    • Navigating PDF documents
    • Searching PDF documents
    • Filling out PDF forms
    • Sharing PDF files

    4. Enhancing PDF Documents

    • Reviewing the editing tools
    • Moving pages with page thumbnails
    • Manipulating pages
    • Working with bookmarks
    • Combining and organizing PDFs

    5. Editing Content in PDF Files

    • Editing text and images
    • Saving PDF files as other documents
    • Creating and editing forms
    • Add security and signatures